Meeting for February 2016

Meeting LogoThe February 2016 meeting will be Thursday February 18th at the Elks, 1930 (7:30 PM). If you have anything to bring up let us know ahead of time, so things move faster. Click here for more information about the meeting location.

Post Committees

A Few questions were asked at the last meeting about Committees. The post has a number of committees some required some not.

Current Committees

  1. Membership *
  2. Publicity *
  3. Community Affairs *
  4. Youth Activities *
  5. Poppy Drive
  6. Memorial
  7. Scholarship PP and VOD and our own at SV
  8. Color Guard
  9. Post Affairs
  10. National VFW Public Servant Award

* Needs a Chairperson

Joining a Committee

  • All committees are open to join, and many need help.
  • If you would like to suggest a committee, please talk with the commander.
  • You may already be on a committee & not know. Come to the meeting to find out if you are missing out!

Bottom line: Please come to this meeting to learn more about post affairs, or want to get more involved!

Hugh G. MacPherson