Meeting for August 2015

Meeting LogoThe August 2015 meeting will be Thursday August 20th at the Elks, 1930 (7:30 PM). If you have anything to bring up let us know ahead of time, so things move faster. Click here for more information about the meeting location.

There is a lot to accomplish this meeting. Please get there early so we can start promptly at 7:30.

Poppy drive

  • The poppy drive sign-up list goes out in Sep
  • An order for new vests will go out soon
  • Help is needed to get a request to Walmart for 2016
  • We will need to order poppies for next year

Seneca Valley vet day 9-11

  • Who is going?
  • Will it be covered by C/E?

District 25 meeting

  • It should be in Sep on a Sunday, and likely held at the Mars post
  • Everyone is welcome
  • More details to come

Patriots Pen & Voice of Democracy

  • Get with SVHS on VOD
  • Get with NC on VOD
  • Get HMS, SVMS and ST G on PP
  • Get help grading the Patriots Pen papers; could have a few hundred to grade in two weeks

Adopt a Unit

  • If we are going to do this, we have to formally move forward
  • Get help accomplishing the paperwork

Misc Items

  • Two Color Guard events coming up in November: Nov 11th Sherwood Oaks & early Nov for VA Hospital in Butler
  • Get name tag forms accomplished; due in Nov
  • Get help in Christmas Party planning for 10 Dec.
  • Open slots for officer training on 23 Aug

Hugh G. MacPherson